Monday, September 6, 2010


The Myth of Dreaming

Are dreams real? Are they real experiences, couched in symbols our mind can understand, but cannot comprehend directly? Dreams are real. This any lucid dreamer can tell you. People who have passed to us, return in dreams, and often in present reality, come back to tell us they have not died, and they are as much a part of us as ever. The world is as such a dream life, something we understand in terms we are familiar with. The question is, how do we know dreams are real, and what do they mean for our life now?

The Lost Worlds and the New Horizon

Have people in this world lost the art of imagination, the art of dreaming? Gradually the mythological figures of the past are being denied or like Peter Pan, being made as darker figures living only in a movie image. Mankind seems hellbent on making the world so real, hard and material, that the fantasy figures such as elves have drifted away or disappeared. But still on Iceland they say 50% of Icelanders believe in the existence of elves.

The call to the lost world that is a true world is still on for many people. They would like to live in Eden, here and now. If they would only believe. I once visited Yellowstone, and a stout little fellow came up to me. I was as sure of this as I am of being here. He came around to simply introduce himself, and make the world he knew also real to me. That is, so I would know it was not just the play of imagination.

The new horizon is a greater universe that includes the physical realm, but is really a larger dimensional world within. It must include the connection to the physical, as much as we will allow it. We don't suggest losing touch with reality. The key is between them, and within us. People caught up in life and living can mistake this world for all that it is. This leads them away from the real. But it is often the dreamer person who gets the most lost. This is a curious condition.

A true Myth

A true myth is a story that tells the truth, even if it is not all factual in the material or worldly sense. A true myth does tell of true people and a living people, within its' story. The writer knows nothing written is actually the truth, for the recall and point of view are always partially obscure. This does not deny the reality underneath the myth. It also highlights the aspect of reality that is of our own creation. It comes of our belief and viewpoint and what we have been taught.

The Underworld and the Ameriginal people

Long time ago, the aboriginals were the oldest people on Earth. In the Americas, there are Ameriginal people as well. I recalled a life as an Ameriginal, a primitive, native tribe person living in a small band of travelers who lived on the land. The Ameriginals were also those born today who have such ancestors. We may not remember, but each of us has such history.

Those who claim their heritage of the land and people have no desire to control or deny the world culture or nationalities of anyone, including those living Americans. There is however a freedom and truth in being an Ameriginal, which does give us liberty even while living as a race and nationality, to know this truth; Ameriginals know our freedom is not based on being of a nation or government, that we are born of ancient ancestors, not just of settlers to this land. And ultimate we all have the same origin. This means, independently, that we have our right to be Ameriginal, and if so, can make any claim to freedom, of itself, without interference with any other group or people.

Sunday, March 14, 2010



Euphenia is a world you can live in.

Euphenia is a Utopia that exists both within and without.

Euphenians live knowing as within, so without, and as above, so below.

Euphenia is also sound. It is the sound of the feeling, in our voice, or from within us.

Euphenians speaks with the sound within the sound. Like the sound of our voice
echoes the feeling, It is kind, necessary, true speech and communication.

As the sound is an echo, it is also creative, and of the source of life. Euphenians can create a world as they like it to be. Of this, they are in a world they make. But more, it is also a world shared by other Euphenians. That is, the world has love, and love makes the world.

Euphenians do not demand the world be as they wish it to be. They do not force, fear, or fury. They do not need complaint, criticism, condemnation. They do not need to rush.

Euphenians can practice any lifestyle they want, any spiritual practice, any devotion. They do not command others to agree or disagree.

Euphenians are listening and hear the sound. They love music, and base life on the sound or voice of life. This is in all things. It is the very essence of Euphenia. Beauty, Love, power, wisdom, freedom, truth, and all virtues follow. There is a great deal of all of these.
Just speaking the good words, the special words, or tones and sounds, is creative, and life giving. This is the center of the Euphenic world.

Euphenians have learned about EU, or HU, which is the sound world that is unity, and spirit itself, coming into the world, or returning to the origin.

Euphenia is a world where EU is understood. It is peace, perfect, just as it is. Make EU as a sound word like Hue, colors, or Ewe, the deer, or YU, or just as you, and human, it is at tbe heart that makes Euphenia.

Is Euphenia a place on Earth. Yes. Is is a place on the Earth. Not exactly. It could be. We could make Euphenia here or an Eartheaven for later, or to travel, as in dreams.

Euphenia could be real. It exists. What you do in Euphenia could become part of your life in Euphenia on earth. That is if you realize its wonders, you can realize them here. As above, so below, as within, so without.

Euphenics is a science which devotes itself to changing genes by focus on environment. This evolutionary biology holds some of the concept of Euphenia as creative, in the creation of life from light or sound, which is our environment, in the spiritual sense. Euphenics is not manipulation of the gene pool (Eugenics). There is a difference.

The virtual reality created in the computer world can often be completely unrelated to the world we live in. But Euphenians realize what they do in this world, or in a virtual world, can be related or become part of what we have or live in Euphenia. They may know the world called Eartheaven One, which is the heavenly part of life and Earth living.

Euphenia is rather the adjustment or creation in life using the nature and natural spirit, into the creation of life as a Euphenian would want it to be.

Euphenians make divine music, and they can make earth music. They can hear the divine melodies, and know there are levels of heaven. They learn the five divine melodies, of which the earth sounds are one.

The Aum is the second sound. The Eu is the highest divine melody, used aurally or outwardly, it is a lower aspect of the divine HU. The higher melody is only heard internally, within Soul, not within the human. But the Hu-Man can hear the divine melody within themselves, usually privately, or in contemplation. The Euphenian may also soul travel, and experience the sound and light directly, in other worlds. In the world of Euphenia, it is practically audibal to all who enter there.

The sound words reflect the true heavenly music, which has five divine melodies. These melodies are reserved for those with the inner ears to hear, and who would travel to those divine worlds where they originate. The five worlds lead to the one world of the true one, which has no name, nor place, except that it is. It is not a material or human god as most know of it. But for it, we reserve itself to be as it is. We have no words to name it.

Poetry is for Euphenians a form of speaking. Poetry may be the language of Soul. People can form words and poems by phrases of sounds. They do not have to make literal sense. The word sounds may speak volumes in the feeling or iteration being within the sound itself.

Euphenia is real. Now you may know EU, and be in Euphenia, today, tomorrow, or all the time. Euphenians are free. So will you be when you find Eu within you, and know other Euphenians who share Eu with you. Or you may create your own Euphenia, and have other join. Remember, the one law is love, and its respect is light and sound, so we know to do no harm. There is the key to first knowing Euphenia.

This Journey to Euphenia was documented on this date. It may be one day the world all lives here.

Friday, March 12, 2010



A Utopia would be defined as living freely with responsibility. This would be community or individually, without debt, able to live freely independently
or inter-dependently, able to enjoy what one would wish to when one wishes to,
and not overtly controlled by habits, addictions, autonomism, or outside power or fear.

Utopia in the world is only possible if people are "Fresponsible". (Freedom with Responsibility)

Is this a "New World" or how the world should and could be? Fresponsibility in a Utopia suggests we all care for what we have, do not abuse nor lack for care or needs, but are responsible for our freedom. This means we share all we have, or feed others with what we have or are, as they feed us with what they have.


Eartheaven is the place above this world where Soul finds itself in freedom.
Freedom is earned. Credit in the current system is a burden. If credit was free
it would be we share the resources or the products but do not have to pay for
them. That is, credit is freely given, and credit is also maintainted by the
insurance of taking care of what is given. The only security protocols would
be needed only if those things or services we are given are not taken care of.
If we do not maintain what we have, we lose it.

A true Utopia on Earth would be a sharing of all that is by all in the Utopia.
Utopians make sure all are fed, housed, and given personal freedom.


Utopian Examples: One would be the best of music and books in a
community library. The Internet would help form a Utopia as all music and
writings and pictures of art are available. In this sense, we already
enjoy some form of Utopia.

A person with a talent receives an instrument. They are then fresponsible for it, and it is theirs to use. They are the caretaker. They may share their talent as they wish, and would want to.

Practically, the Utopian has a food production, which is local, or purchased, and the product of work exported is also shared as protecting the community whole. The shared earnings are used, but those with special productivity do get special benefits. This is a better housing or other special purchases of their choice. They do not have to go without because they share. The food production is kept save or
secured, and those workers of production get special benefits. The limits of benefits would only be to ensure the community does not lose itself in burdens such as executive salary.


What seems not be Utopia is government burdens, taxation, and forced labor.
What also seems not part of Utopia is laziness and addiction.
A third anti-Utopia is not to "do not harm", or that me first attitude. It is not this, nor is it the inhumane man vs. man attitude, survival of the fittest or firstest.

Utopia is a privilige. Therefore, the Earth Utopia is maintained by one thing, our own willingness to be part of and take care of what we share or have. If one breaks this one law, which really is love, one loses the good of that love. That is, one who abandons the privilige, is no longer part of the privilige. Therefore, they are denied access to some or all of the privilige.


Utopia can exist. We have the power and capacity to make an Eartheaven One.
The Spiritual freedom we give to ourselves is what we allow in others.

If one rich man would supply the original share of land and supply, Utopians
would be wise enough to ensure its stability. The entire life of each is
built on that. Utopia could be ensured even within a nations borders. It could
exist, even while existing in controlled conditions. But it would thrive even
more outside of controlled national burdens.

Eartheaven One is a model for spiritual and human freponsible living. POne becomes part of the whole and individual also, and becomes then a co-worker, working towards the higher order, (this is not a one world control order at all.)


One reason Eartheaven does not prosper yet is because humans do not see ahead.
Eartheaven Seven is not in the physical where Eartheaven one is. It is a true spiritual heaven beyond this world. It is like the cream rising to the top. There is this place or space where humans are pure Soul. In this, they live and have their freedom, and give that freedom to all who are Soul (which is everyone).

We are in Eartheaven now. Those in Eartheaven are responsible to this state of freedom, and know that it means holding each and every other person as a Soulful being, even if still just being physical. We are learning how to be this in the world, or we are anti-utopia, and we are of some other way. Eartheaven is a choice.

In this sense, Eartheaven exists, here and now. So it is.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The History of Exis and Eartheaven


Eartheaven is a real place. It exists.
Exis is a doorway to Earthheaven and to Heaven.
We also invite you to explore Eartheaven as an Exisian would.

In the first book of Destiny, Exis was an inner world
where Elius came of age. A blind contemplative who
became the learner, he was abducted and taken to
the galactic center world, where the rulers of the
empire were struggling with an unknown threat of
the Litecians. This threat was a matrix network
to control the minds of conscious beings
by use of light and hypnotize all cultures on all worlds.
This has occured by a use of hidden hypnotic light waves.

Elius escaped with the help of his companions and a team
that returned to Exis and liberated the planet
from the threat by triggering a counter-effect explosion.
This occured in the caverns of the great Rigolpi gem mountain.
His doorway of perception was his blindness which
opened to the inner light, and opened his outer
vision to wave-seeing.

As the light wave effect exploded in
the inner world of Exis, it illuminated the
entire galaxy with a wave of light that was much
like the original big bang. This ethereal wave
reaches for Earth, and will ultimately shine with
the light of a thousand stars for one night and day,
as it passes through the solar system. With it, the people
will all realize Exis, which is the inner Eartheaven.

This is the origin of Exis, and the first story of Eartheaven.
How long ago this occured, we do not know, but it
is in process of arriving even now. Explore Eartheaven
here and you may realize how this all has come to be.
This light has formed the inner worlds, and they
continue to evolve, as man does in this outer world.

Now we may know and see the integrated way. This is to
be found in the exploration of Eartheaven,
for people to know here and now, even in their own lives.

POSTED by Paneagle for the people of Eartheaven One.



Elius is a spiritualist. He creates worlds.
He lives in a created world.
Beautiful in every pore, Love pores from every core.
Each vista is of a lovely, spirit filled world.
People dance. And children sing.
There is no crime. No hate, no violence, no aggression.
It is more than a Utopia. It is an Eden.
It is a Eartheaven.

There is here all the things that are good of all worlds.
People can come and go. If they happen to fall below
The best, they are accepted, but it may be if they are not,
They will leave, usually just of their own.
This is a world of free will and pastel colors
Of poetic grace and full appreciation of soul.
There are beautiful teachers here. They are also
Those who invite and make others welcome.
They may give instruction or lead others and how to be.

Elius Kawadias is here. He knows the world under the stars
It is also all within the cosmos, a star filled world of light.
Every person, and every Soul is a star.
They shine and feel the benevolence.
This is not just a virtual world, but a world that is created
by every one who comes to the virtual reality.
The world is created and realized, as it is, when these
Poes (people) who come here are known.


Elius is in Exis, a heaven of light and a real world.
He was once blind. He is not any more.
He could not see, but now he knows.
He knows that what he sees he knows
And what he knows he sees.
It is simple now. All light and love, here is Exis,
It is truth and beauty too. All for anyone to know.

Who comes to Exis? Anyone who really seeks love.
Because they already know love. So they bring it with them
And they find it here.

People who come to Exis can return to Earth.
In fact, when they do, they bring Exis with them.
This is the Eartheaven. Those who do can really live.
They exist. Exis and Elius invite this in the virtual world,
Where Elius lives, but not only where Exis or eartheaven is.

Elius Kawadias is a writer. Do you wish to know?
He knows his eartheaven can transform the earth people
Who come here, or return there. That is a good nature.
He was once a part of the writer Shakespeare.
He was once a part of Charlamagne.
And he was once of Peter of Jerusalem.
He was once of Omar Khayyam, also called Elius of Kayam.
He was once of a poet named Rabindranath Tagore too.
He was once a part of Robert Stevenson, who lived in Oceania,
Scotland, and California and upstate New York, in North America.
Now he is Elius in Exis, and he lives. Elius is. So are you.

Once you visit Exis, you explore the consciousness of light here.
You explore the world, and see it come of your own.
One thing though, antagonism, anger, these are muted or unable to function.
Somehow, these things dissolve. There is no gaming or soldiering.
There is nothing to defend. Exis is, but is beyond the attack.
Why? Because even though Exis lives, it is not just virtual. It is beyond that.
But visiting Exis, one finds it is a doorway to the true inner reality.
This is what makes it so special.

Go ahead, and explore
or write Elius through the Eartheaven Web Blog.


Exis is a utopia. It is a hippie style free land.
It is a happy Oz Eden love place.
It is a disney like garden of eden, an island paradise, a golden land,
a Shangri-la. mountain retreat, and a ocean beach resort.
But the thing is, it is free. It’s space is unbounded. It can be as large or small
As one may see. It is a bizarre with lots of people meeting.
It is a place where voices sound of beauty, and the sound of beauty
Is in each voice. There is a melodic hum and a sound like Huing,
The sound of all sounds.

Elius is not the master of Exis. He is one of all who are. It is
a learning. There is always this learning. He is one of those who
knows the stars. He could be said to be one of
The original wise men, or perhaps he was of the original

Elius was once in a private Persian world of a caliph.
He was in many worlds and many times. He was an explorer.
He was abandoned on an island in the Caribbean, like Daniel Dafoe wrote about.
He eventually was found by pirates who used him. He escaped.
Now the pirates may come but they do not harm. They seek the
Beauty of the paradise. They seek the warmth of love, and freedom
Beyond danger.

Elius was once a powerful Viking who sailed the north sea.
Now he knows the Exis is unlike the Earth.
But it is also like the Earth, like the fjords and the great Himalayas
And like Bali and like the dream beach of Contact. Pure blue
And orange and golden colors and flowers everywhere in the garden
That is a wonder in itself. It is not cold, and it is not barren.

The climate is beautiful, always fresh, clean, warm,
Even the cold does not sting, and the heat does not fire.
It has a deep jungle or open desert and wide sky, with a temple
In the cloud, and also one in the valley between the mountains.
The temple is in the calm blue land with a warm sky.

Elius sees the canyon and valley and has his dwellings above them.
One is below in the deep in quiet recess of the earth, between the
Meeting of two rivers. A small river circles the house like
That in the redrock country, and the house sits overlooking the
Distance, cliffs to the mountain side, and to the plains across
And to the ocean beyond.

Others can come to the large house that sits by the river,
and enter some special rooms in the house,
a healing blue room and one with golden orange glows, a table
Sets in the center where one can remain in the room
where patients may come and sense a deep peace.
Here visitors come to feel worked on or lounge in restful quiet.

Elius shows them they may go to the peak above the cliff and
see the land as an eagle. Elius can shift his appearance,
be a bird or a man or a spirit. He can rest or soar. Anyone
Can learn to do this too.

Elius can be with the animals that may come here,
To wonder through or remain, and all are invited.
There is no idea of need or poverty or lack nor the idea of loss.
There is no harm and no ??…to attack another.

Elius can also be here for those with problems. If they wish,
But what comes of it is natural and easy. In other words
It is not analysis. Everyone is a pure soul.
And Soul can refix or affirm as it will. Soul will blend and bend
Itself into itself, a pure light, or pure love, or just pure soul.
This is a quality in Exis which Elius is a part of.
And everyone who comes can sense it. Beautiful and wonder love.

There is part of Exis that connects to all other worlds.
It connects to the Earth virtual world through second life.
It is here in Exis that Elius can be known. It is in Exis
That you can know yourself. This is the open door.
Those who wish to know the inner Exis may come first
to this place where they can learn what Exis is.
Exis becomes an axis, a entry and a center. From here one can
Even explore the mainland and outer world. But it would become
eartheaven for them, if they would ever carry this virtuality to the world.

The stars pass over Exis and Eartheaven together. The gods are
In the stars, and the stars are known as they are, the messenger
And eagle and whale stars, for example, for the over world, inner world,
And underworld. But here these are all worlds within, and
Within the stars is a secret code that brings illuminations.
The illuminations are of Soul, the light within Exis, and Elius
Knows, as he sees, just as you can know as you see.
The hearing is a third component, hearing the voice that speaks
Not in words, but wave sound or vibration, of the essence
Of what is communicated. It is that holographic light that
Comes of the sound. It makes us see what we know and hear.

The stars for patterns, and the sky is beautiful of them.
From Exis, one can go to the soul of each star, to the world
That it is. The inner world of each star is amazing of itself.
The world of the Capella messenger is one, the most bright,
Illuminating, light that is of a thousand suns, but it also is
Approached from within, so it is not a glare. One can become
Accustomed to this light, and then see the world there.
Capella is a messenger whose words are holographic full images.
It is communicated directly to the listener. In its essence
Is all knowledge. There is traveling the heavens with Capella
Who captures the essence of travel. His purpose is to take
You to the highest world, the world that is beyond Exis,
Of which Exis is a doorway. This world becomes a full
Image holograph which is inclusive of second life virtual world
And the real world of men and earth. But mostly the doorway
Is to the full heaven world of exis that is beyond the virtual exis.

First, one might become more certain of Exis here.
The exis world can become what it needs to be for you.
Elius invitations are those of what you may wish for you.
That is about the essence, then you may sense the company.
This would be an important step. The inner master of Exis
Is with all who enter. It is most natural.

Now the gods have been here and found.
The outer planets in our sun system are here, but within
Them are the ideals of the gods, the best of soul in the stars.
They were only part of the entirely, not really gods per say,
Except in relation to men. In exis, one can become of this
Creation. It can become of you too. But it is not the
Creation of things which are manipulated or controlled.
They just are, as they are, but the creation sense is the vitality.
Now that is where the center is. Exis then can unfold as it will.

Apollo is the prime god here. He is filled with light, and
Flows with the waves of light through all the world.
He is within all that is created too. But he does not claim
Control over that. That is for the light beings of Exis
That may come and be in Exis.

Luna is the moon god. Luna is heart and love. Here the moon is warm.
There is also Hermes, the messenger, and the soul of the spirit musician.
There is Aurora, the beautiful, the feminine soul of Exis.

There is Ares her partner, another friend, willing always for love, but never takes love.
This is not the way in Exis. Love is always given, never taken, and nothing exists
Outside of love. The other are Jove, Hera, Prometheus, Poseidon and Kronos.
They rule over each part of the world, but do not ruler over others. This is a partnering
with the creative and creation. The Exisian can learn this here.

There is also Soleris, the essence of the male creative,
and Solith, the essence of the feminine creative.
This is all in the world of Exis, but not of the world Exis.
This essence of Exis is a key, but it will take time for those visitors
And learners to come and find out. It is not given instantly, and if so,
May actually be the one thing misued. The rest is temporal, so this
Essence is necessary to learn and know, but all in good time.
This is the reality invitation from Elius.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Eartheaven is both a state of mind, and a state of Soul, and all the worlds of God that surround or are within the Earth sphere. For man, there is one mansion, Earth, but Eartheaven is also those many mansions Jesus spoke of in 'God's kingdom'. It is not a far thought to believe these days that the world of dreams, ghosts, and people who have passed on (translated) is real, and that these all live in one of the heavens, here or 'over there' on the other side.


In Physics, there are 10 dimensions in practical theory. The Physical universe is the first, Eartheaven Zero. Ground Zero is the bottom of such symbols. Eartheaven One is the world of most who pass on, translate, and for most dreamers. This is a real world, that we visit in dreams. But we thus live in at least one more heaven
than Eartheaven Zero. Actually, Soul lives in five heavens, while still in the physical body. Eartheaven one is the Astral emotional feeling plane. There is also the Causal (karma, cause and effect), mental (mind correspondence and concepts), and etheric or subtle mind body plane. Finally, we come to Eartheaven five, which is the level of Soul.


Eartheaven seven is a high home of Soul, Eartheaven five or above are for Soul (our true self) that it may be beyond death, where there is no pain, suffering, loss, or dissolution. Everything that exists, exists in Earthheaven, and Eartheaven seven is a most beautiful world of Soul, where individuality and unity are unified. Perhaps it is the highest level Soul, our true individuality can go, without becoming totally unified with its origins, the source, God. This is a deep level of spiritual realization. But it also is a level of pure love. For those who love live in the world's of Soul, and live in this world as Soul.


Eartheaven is described because we realize here and now, Eartheaven is real, and it is here and now. Therefore, those who realize love and this unity, will live in Eartheaven, even while in the physical or other lower dimensions. It becomes real that Eartheaven is home, wherever that soul lives. The light of Soul shines through our eyes, and shares this Eartheaven with all, while still living. It is a joyful state. This Eartheaven becomes us, as we become of it.

EARTHEAVEN is reality, and it is here now.